Join the best Drive Club membership program

O ur Drive Club membership program is our prestige offering to our corporate and repeat clients for the best value and access to our range of vehicles. There is no better way to experience the benefits of owning a multi-million dollar collection of exotic cars.

Gone are the absurd capital requirements of ownership and the hassles of maintenance, downtime, insurance, storage and transport. The credit never expires, can be used for any type of service and can be upgraded or renewed at any time.

We offer memberships based on pre-purchased credit, with additional credit given to each membership bracket depending on the method and timing of payment. Normal T&Cs apply, as do security deposits and differ from vehicle to vehicle.

Our packages are listed below:
PackageClient CommitmentValue Given
Intro Package$10,000 (in monthly installments)$10,500 (+5%)
Intro Package$10,000 (paid in advanced)$11,000 (+10%)
Silver Package$25,000 (in monthly installments)$27,500 (+10%)
Silver Package$25,000 (paid in advanced)$30,000 (+20%)
Gold Package$50,000 (in monthly installments)$57,500 (+15%)
Gold Package$50,000 (paid in advanced)$65,000 (+30%)

Note: If paying in installments, only the available credit can be used towards any rentals.